Adult Maltreatment Report 2021

This report is based on 2021 data from the National Adult Maltreatment Reporting System (NAMRS).

APS TARC Toolkits

The APS TARC, on behalf of the Administration for Community Living, developed a series of toolkits to assist APS programs across policy and practice on a single topic.

Rate Setting Data Plan for Next Three-Year CCDF Plan Cycle

This working tool will help Lead Agencies customize a plan and timeline for data gathering to inform provider rate setting.

Webinar: Adult Protective Services (APS) Innovations Townhall on APS Language

This recorded interactive townhall discusses questions surrounding adult protective services (APS) language usage as we begin a step towards consensus on building the evolution of APS language use.

Establishing Work-life Boundaries

This resource outlines the importance of adopting boundaries between work and life priorities. Additionally, it provides strategies workers can use to create boundaries, especially when work and life are in the same space.

Office of Child Care (OCC) Monitoring’s Learning Hub

This Learning Hub includes on-demand access to self-paced trainings and guides to help prepare states for each step of Cycle 2 of the Office of Child Care Monitoring System.

Exploring Wellbeing in the Workplace and Beyond

For remote workers the line between work and other aspects of life can feel nonexistent. The following tips can help you better integrate work into your life, reduce stress, and increase productivity, improving your mental and physical health, and contributing to fulfillment.

SSBG Annual Report 2020

This report presents annual SSBG data to provide an in depth look at how grantees allocate funds and the number of individuals served.

Out-of-School Time Equity Planning Checklist

Out-of-School Time (OST) programs and organizations can explore implementing accountability strategies to help reduce inequities that are a result of limited access to resources and services.

Tips for Policymakers to Promote Equity In Funding and Access for Out-Of-School Time Programs

This tipsheet is designed to help Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) lead agencies and other policymakers reflect on how current policies and practices impact access to high-quality child care for school-age children, and it offers additional ideas for promoting more equitable outcomes.