APS TARC Toolkits


The APS TARC, on behalf of the Administration for Community Living, developed a series of toolkits to assist APS programs across policy and practice on a single topic. Tip sheets, presentation templates, sample policies and more are designed to be resources that investigators and administrators may use to enhance their programs practice and policy. The toolkits below describe samples of the types of toolkits APS TARC provides to APS programs.

These toolkits live on the APS TARC website. Click the button below to see their posting there.

APS Training Toolkit (09/29/2022)

It is a very exciting time in the field of APS training and this revised toolkit brings you up to date with the latest information and resources covering all things APS training. The focus is on nationally available, no or low-cost curriculum and training materials, webinars, videos, etc.

This toolkit is appropriate for APS administrators, trainers, supervisors, and frontline staff. It includes briefs, training resource lists, training development and delivery tools, sample training policies and procedures, and a sample training plan.

APS Intake Toolkit (08/08/2022)

Intake is the “gateway” to the APS system and is an important function of any program. The purpose of this toolkit is to provide a resource to administrators to consider implementing or enhancing current APS practices within the intake unit or pertaining to intake function.

APS Public Awareness Toolkit (07/05/2022)

Public awareness campaigns can be an effective way to raise awareness of the maltreatment of older adults/adults with disabilities and adult protective services programs. This toolkit includes a brief that addresses planning and potential activities to include. It also includes links to ensuring your campaign incorporates the correct message and examples of program campaigns.

APS Forensic Accounting Toolkit (03/31/2022)

The use of forensic accounting has increasingly become a promising practice and resource to support APS programs in recent years. It can be a powerful tool in the investigation of financial exploitation. Adding forensic accountants to your team of experts can bolster your program’s response to the maltreatment of vulnerable adults. This toolkit provides several resources if you’re investigating the use of forensic accounting for your program.

Quality Improvement Toolkit Update (02/04/2022)

The APS TARC is pleased to announce an update to our Quality Improvement Toolkit. This toolkit is a resource for adult protective services administrators and supervisors on Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and other quality improvement strategies, including examples from state programs.

These toolkits live on the APS TARC website. Click the button below to see their posting there.

About the Authoring Project

The APS Technical Assistance Resource Center (APS TARC) is funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Administration for Community Living (ACL), Office of Elder Justice and Adult Protective Services (OEJAPS).