ARLINGTON, VA. – The Adult Protective Services Technical Assistance Resource Center (APS TARC), a project of the Administration for Community Living and administered by WRMA, Inc., reached a program stretch goal with the release of its first podcast, Improving APS Financial Exploitation Investigations Through Innovative Multi-Disciplinary Partnerships, in February.

In the inaugural podcast, Jennifer Spoeri, APS TARC Subject Matter Expert, and Angela Medina, APS Director of Policy and Performance Management at the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, focus on how the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is improving financial exploitation investigations and client services through multi-disciplinary partnerships and the use of high-level forensic accounting.

As Andrew Capehart, Senior Business Analyst/Subject Matter Expert at the APS TARC explains, “We know from the APS field that financial exploitation cases can be hard to investigate, very time consuming, and require specialized expertise. Then add to this, APS staff time constraints for training or reviewing literature. We really want to meet folks where they are and offer multiple ways to keep abreast of APS promising practices and new partnerships from programs who received Administration for Community Living discretionary grants. Adding podcasts to the APS TARC educational repertoire has been fun for the TARC team to produce and so far, very well received by the field. A real win-win!”

The podcast series will continue in April highlighting “Recognize, Report, Respond (R3),” an enhanced technology-based abuse education and reporting system for use by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities developed by Commonwealth of Massachusetts Disabled Persons Protection Commission and advocate stakeholders.

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