ARLINGTON, VA. – WRMA is a proud supporter of #GivingTuesday. Through our WRMA CARES program we provide opportunities for employees to engage with their communities through awareness-building and service activities. WRMA CARES encourages employees to volunteer their time and matches their donations to those charities they’re most passionate to support.

WRMA supports AAUW Preschool through WRMA CARES. AAUW Preschool’s innovative LearnScape initiative is designed to foster young children’s love for learning alongside a lifelong respect for nature. LearnScape includes the transformation of our traditional 1-acre playground space into an innovative nature-based outdoor classroom and creates opportunities for children to learn outside throughout their school day. Listen to Kara Lehnhardt as she shares more about this important #EarlyLearning initiative and the impact of WRMA CARES.

Then, take a moment to provide your own contribution to AAUW Preschool’s good work at: